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Using data to benefit people: DIDOTZ, the service experience company opens for business


Thanks to the central position of the web when it comes to planning our free time, there is plenty of data available. Booking and planning leisure activities should be effortless and thus DIDOTZ improves our customers’ service design. To facilitate a smooth experience, DIDOTZ uses unique data collection and analysis methods to provide continuous recommendations for service operators in the leisure industry. From User Experience Design to Search Engine Optimization, with the help of machine learning DIDOTZ provides prioritized recommendations to delight customers and attract new clients. The offering for mid-sized companies is cost-efficient as elements of the data analysis process are automated, yet the strategy is always unique to each client and algorithms are tailored against their KPI’s.

Didotz is not just another analytics company promising to improve the bottom line but has the ambition to use data to benefit everyone.

Posted by on 17. April 2019.

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