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Prominent voices call for an immediate search and rescue programme

Europe must stop people drowning in the
Mediterranean. Not sometime in the future, but this year. A political
emergency solution is needed, a Europe-wide mechanism for
distributing those saved from distress at sea. It is time to fully
respond to the great readiness to help expressed by cities,
municipalities and citizens. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, chair of the
Council of the Evangelical Church in Germany, and Palermo\’\’\’\’s mayor
Leoluca Orlando made this clear yesterday in a joint declaration. The
initiative is now receiving cross-party support. Robert Habeck,
Henriette Reker, Ruprecht Polenz and Gesine Schwan have taken up the
Palermo Appeal, along with clergy from Germany and Sweden.

View the video with voices of prominent supporters, together with
members of the Sea-Watch crew and Sea Bridge movement, at

Read the full Palermo declaration: https://www.ekd.de/verteilmecha

For further information on the topic, go to www.ekd.de/flucht

Hanover, 4 June 2019

EKD Press Office

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Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland
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