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Online retail sales growth in Indonesia outpaces regional neighbors: yStats.com report


Recent high double-digit growth rates in B2C E-Commerce in Indonesia are propelled by the growing middle class in the country as well as increased Internet connectivity. Sources cited in the yStats.com report predict that Indonesia will lead the Southeast Asia region in online retail sales in 2021 and will be among global leaders in growth among emerging markets. The online growth is attracting large investments in Indonesia’s E-Commerce, and is taking place in the face of challenges such as the island geography plus low Internet and banking penetration.

One key to the rapid growth in online retail sales in Indonesia is the proliferation of mobile Internet connections with the attendant mobile shopping. Nearly 75% of Internet traffic is through mobile, and leading online shopping sites report that most of their connections come from mobile devices. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram also are impacting E-Commerce in Indonesia, as many sellers advertise and receive orders through them, though the country’s leading online merchants such as Blibli, Lazada and Tokopedia also play an important role through their websites, according to the yStats.com publication.

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