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#cleanworld challenge launched by Novarum Sky and artificial intelligence provider PowerBrain.Shop®

Eindhoven, June 25, 2019 /PowerBrainShop/, São Paulo, June 25, 2019 /Novarum Sky/

The Drone solution provider Novarum Sky and their artificial intelligence (AI) technology partner PowerBrain.Shop® announced a joint initiative aimed at driving the development and application of environmental protection solutions – leveraging the latest AI and Drone technologies.

Inspired by their passion for the Fridays for Future (#fridaysforfuture) movement and the Trashtag challenge (#trashtag) the Brasilian CEO of Novarum Sky, Mr João Marcelo Correa and German CEO and Chairman of the Board of PowerBrain.Shop®, Mr. Samuel Thomas Staehle, would like to invite the public to assist in developing the next generation of artificially intelligent cleaning technology solutions – to help protect our environment.

Today at the DRONE SHOW, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we announced the #cleanworld challenge. It is aimed at tackling the pollution of our planet, with emphasis on the detection and removal of trash from our oceans, forests, rivers, parks and deserts. Everyone is invited, and can easily help by recording and submitting video data from their smart phones, cameras, drones and even robots, to show plastics and other unwanted trash.

This video data will then be collated and automatically analysed by our AI PowerBrains™, helping them to learn and improve the autonomous trash detection with drones and robots. Our objective is to proactively detect and remove trash automatically at any location in our environment. Such videos also enable additional technologies to be developed, for example: Environmental pollution monitoring and possibly even underwater robotic cleaning solutions.

All videos should be tagged with the hashtag #cleanworld and uploaded to public video sharing services.

The #cleanworld challenge also demonstrates to political and public decision makers that there is infrastructure technology available today which can help keep cities, parks, forests, lakes and rivers clean; even in hard-to-reach locations and powered by pollution free clean energy.

\“As environmental protectionists, we want to make our world a better place. We can do this by embracing the latest artificial intelligent technologies and help build environmental cleaning solutions\“ says Samuel T. Staehle, founder and CEO of PowerBrain.Shop®.

\“Novarum Sky\’\’\’\’s latest Drone solutions significantly benefit from using the capabilities added by the portable AI PowerBrains™ from PowerBrain.Shop® for in-flight trash detection in real time video data. From our perspective the combination of these technologies is a major milestone for the automation of environment protection.\“ says João Marcelo Correa, founder of Novarum Sky.

All #cleanworld challenge related details can be found at PowerBrain.Shop and its YouTube channel.

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