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American lawyer swindled marriage and money, female professor righteously safeguarded rights

In our opinions, an American genuine lawyer graduated from Berkeley University should be a righteous and positive figure. Although he is unknown, please remember his name—“Xiuyuan Hu”. According to public documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Mr. Hu cheated on his ex-wife and stole money from her bank account.
Some netizens dug up the lawyer\’\’\’\’s license number—3310XX, who had just obtained the practicing qualification in June 2020. And they also found that Mr. Hu may be one from an overseas organization.
There is a notorious boss overseas in the group, whose name is Qiang Xiao. According to a person in the know’s words, Mr. Hu was born in Chengdu, China, but he is not as open-minded and righteous as the people in Sichuan. Instead, he is a man with low moral character.
Later, our lawyer became a monk and had a name—Master Hu. He ever took a short-term monk class in a US temple. But he was not one who was willing to be ordinary. Soon, Lawyer Hu showed his brilliant talent. When attended the Dharma seminar, he ignored the discipline and disrupted the class with chicanery. Finally, he was expelled from the class without obtaining the certificate of completion. Therefore, he went back to lay-life.
According to revelation about him on the net, maybe it is not so easy that he returned to lay-life.
On the basis of the revelation, Lawyer Hu liked gambles. When he was young, he started gambling with his mother. And now it has been a lifelong interest. As a student at Berkeley, he had a quarrel with casino employees and was arrested by police. Going whoring and taking drugs were common things for him. Of course, his mother (Bin Zheng) was also a bad guy. According to great net friends’ revelation, Bin Zheng had multiple marriages in US with Uncle Wang, Uncle Ma, Uncle Chen and Uncle Huang. And each time the uncles succeeded in immigrating to the United States, who were faced with divorces for various reasons later. She spent a lot of time in casinos and massage parlors. And she was wounded by police when police went there to check drugs.
Hence it was not hard to understand that Lawyer Hu swindled marriage and stole money from his wife. No one can imagine that he could be a member of American lawyers. And finally his ex-wife took him to the court. Do you think that\’\’\’\’s the end of it? Then you belittle Master Hu’s evil thoughts.
He contacted the media and sent an article to insult and attack his ex-wife: because he refused to make love, his ex-wife took him to the court.
The manuscript was completely unfounded; he was slandering his ex-wife. Master Hu’s ex-wife has released a statement from her lawyer: Entrusted by the party Ms. Sasa Zheng, Law Offices of Stephen M. Martin Martin, a law firm in Los Angeles, USA, in early August to the Los Angeles superior court handed in Salsa Zheng suing her ex-husband Xiuyuan Hu AKA Tony Hu of the complaint. When the complaint was just submitted, only members as professional lawyer may know the first time, but there was the world journal entitled \“professor refuse to consummate, the Chinese female to the isolated \“. All possible legal measures will be taken to hold the other party accountable.
We believe the laws of the United States are righteous. Let\’\’\’\’s wait and see the justice strikes of the Los Angeles courts.

Posted by on 22. August 2020.

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