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Afzal Ashraf Joins Privatimus to Launch German Security Firm in UK Market

HAMBURG, Germany (February 4, 2015) – Privatimus, a provider of security consultation, risk mitigation and protection for family offices, high net worth individuals (HNWI) and corporate clients announced today the launch of a branch office in the United Kingdom. Afzal Ashraf, UK international security specialist, has been recruited by Privatimus GmbH as Director of Privatimus UK Ltd. in its bid to expand into the UK. Privatimus plans to create a new market in personal security consultancy for high net worth individuals (HNWI).

Afzal Ashraf“s comprehensive knowledge of the UK government and private security sector is a vital asset for Privatimus. „Afzal Ashraf is a highly credible and respected figure in the UK and in certain circles of the USA too,“ comments Zeeshan Nasir, Partner of Privatimus GmbH. “Ashraf brings unparalleled ability to assess diverse threats and provides pragmatic advice on effective security measures with a highly confident and inspiring manner. He is driven to provide the highest possible measures of safety for our clients and their families.”

The large Eastern European community of wealthy families living in the UK for business and education reasons are another potential client base for Privatimus. Many fear threats from political and commercial rivals in their home countries.

Afzal Ashraf, Director of Privatimus UK Ltd. comments: ”Privatimus is bringing to the HNW family what so far has only been available to corporations – security consultancy. The HNW market is currently addressed by a number of large firms started mainly by ex-UK Special Forcers military and ex-UK Special Branch police officers providing bodyguard services. Bodyguards or close protection only provide a small part of the security needs of a HNW family in the current world of the Internet, social media and reputational assaults. HNW families require a more flexible and comprehensive service in a range of security measures, that Privatimus can deliver.“

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